About This Template

Holy rollers is a family business  

The new generation of home contractors, Orka and Zack Boswell met as tree planters exploring Canada's wide north lands doing one of the world's hardest and toughest jobs. As painters and contractors they apply the same principles to their work that they have for years as tree planters; hard work, quality work and fast work. Coupled with Zack's degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design and his work as a floor designer for Urban Outfitters, Holy Rollers is hard work and professional design sense combined into one.

Yet while a "job well done" attitude reigns supreme over these two, a friendly, personal and CLEAN approach remains their number one priority. Holy Rollers guarantee's that we will leave your house in better condition than we found it and that's a promise that you can hold us too. 


The Holy Roller Way


Our lines are always open and you'll never receive a bad attitude from us or our painters. We focus on a transparent, stress-free and positive experience.


Like most things, a renovation or new coat of paint just isn't worth doing if its not done right. Holy Roller's holds itself to a standard of excellence above your average painter. The job's not done until our client is happy and satisfied.


While we're in your home we are accountable to YOU. Spiraling costs, fee's you don't understand and complicated invoice's are things you won't get with Holy Rollers. You'll always know exactly where your money's going.


Safety for us and you in your home.  Honest discussions surrounding the use of toxic materials in your home, and while the choice is yours, we strongly recommend the use of green building and painting materials.